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Vending Concepts

The Leader in Vending Machine Sales, Routes and Locations

              Location Services

 Our Business Development Manager has 26 yrs. experience securing vending locations,                                                                    as well as personally setting up, owning and operating many different types of vending routes. He has also set up routes for other vendors in 48 states over his 26 yrs. in the vending business.

                                                                                            Location Services Includes:         

ACCESS TERRITORY                                                                        Vending Concepts Business Development Manager will send one or more of our Vending Equipment Locator (V.E.L.) Team to your area. 

Once you’re (V.E.L.) Team arrives, they will meet with you and together you will decide on a starting point.                                              

Once the starting point has been decided, your (V.E.L.) will look through maps, satellite images and other references we have access to in order to find the most profitable area to place your machines.


SETTING UP A ROUTE IN A ROUTE FORM                                        

Naturally we will do all we can in order to secure locations as close to your starting point as possible.

We must always consider the fact that Vending Concepts main objective is to secure profitable locations for you. At times, it is better to drive a little further to a profitable location then to have your vending locations in your back yard and not be happy with the income of your vending route.

We will always work an entire area out before moving on to another area.

In doing so, this will insure that your vending locations are as close together as possible.



After you and your (V.E.L.) Team has decided on a starting point, your (V.E.L.) Team will reference maps, satellite images and other references.

Once Accessing the Territory has been completed, your starting point has been chosen, your (V.E.L.) Team will physically go to the territory, going into and out of every location that looks profitable.


PRESENTATION                                                                                   When you’re Vending Concepts (V.E.L.) Team sees a location that looks profitable; they will approach the person who can authorize Vending Concepts to place a machine or machines on their premises.

When your (V.E.L.) Team is standing in front of the person who can authorize the location, they will know what to say in a professional manner in order to secure the location for you.

Because of our extensive experience in the field of Vending Equipment Locating, quite often, the location will not require a percent of your profits in order to place your vending equipment on their premises



As you’re (V.E.L.) Team secures each location, they will take the time to find out exactly what type of products the location would like to have in their vending equipment, as well as the price they wish you to sell the product for.

Finding out exactly the type of products the location wants in their vending equipment will take away the guessing and put to a minimum all of the product changes it takes to fine tune the location, in order to get the maximum profit from each location secured.



Once you’re (V.E.L.) Team has secured the locations needed to place all of the equipment you have commissioned Vending Concepts to secure, a Vending Concepts Representative will contact you and set up an appointment in order for you to look at all of the locations.

Once the appointment is set with you, a Vending Concepts Representative will meet with you and will drive with you to each location in order to show you the vending route.

You will be shown the vending route in the actual order that you will service it.



Once you have arrived at each location, a Vending Concepts Representative will show you where your vending equipment will go on the property.

At that time, if you like the location and wish to place your equipment on the location, Vending Concepts Representative will take you to the person who authorized Vending Concepts to place equipment on their premises and introduce you to them.



Since your (V.E.L.) Team found out exactly what type of products and the price for the product the location wanted when they secured your location, all that is necessary at this time, is to introduce you to the person who authorized the location and let them know what day your vending equipment will be delivered.

As you leave each location you have authorized, a Vending Concepts Representative will give you the product list for that location as well as the price the location wishes you to sell your product for.

Yes…It is that easy.

If you are in or want to get into the vending business…this service is invaluable.



The price per location will vary.

We are strategically located in the middle of the United States.

The distance we have to travel to get to your area will be a determining factor on the price per location.

So Air fare, Rental Car, Hotel will have a bearing on the price per location.

If we have a locator already in your area, the price per location will not be as much.

There are other variables, such as the number of vending machines you wish us to locate, that will determine the price.

Naturally you can understand a location with 50 employees will not cost as much as a location with 200 employees.

Basically the larger the location the more the location will cost.


Vending Concepts is Not Just a Locating Company

We do not consider ourselves in the same class as the other "locators” there are in the United States.

We do not simply find a location, we establish your route.

When we are finished, you will have personally seen, toured and authorized all of the locations.

You will have met all of the people who have authorized the locations.

You will know exactly where your vending equipment will be placed on the location.

You will have a list of the products the location wishes to have in their Vending Equipment.

You will have a list of the prices the locations wishes you to sell your product for.

You will have a delivery date.

You will have the understanding that it is not one thing that makes a successful location, but it is a combination of things that make a successful location.

Where the machine is in the building or on the property has a lot to do with how much your vending equipment will make.

Product changes and how that effects how much money your vending equipment will make.

Keeping your vending equipment filled at all times will have an effect on how much your vending equipment will make.

The importance of handling a service call right away will have an effect of how much your vending equipment will make.

These are just a few of many things Vending Concepts will teach you that will not only determine how much money each location makes, but how it will also insure that another company will not take the location from you.

Vending Concepts will teach you "The Vending Business” to insure you are successful.

So you can see that we truly are not just a locating company.





Vending Concepts has different packages to tailor each individual customer’s needs.


1. You want to get started in the vending business and you need the equipment as well as a good location to place your equipment on.


2. You are in the vending business already and want to expand, and you need not only the location but you need the equipment also.


3. Location only (you have vending equipment and need only the location)


Whatever the case may be, Vending Concepts will not only help you achieve your goal, but will stand behind you with experience and know how all the way.


Although Vending Concepts offers a Locating Service that is second to none, we are reasonable when it comes to the cost of setting up a vending route for you.


Give our Business Development Department a call, let us know what it is that you are trying to accomplish.

We will put together a package tailored to your needs that will fit your budget.

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